Charlotte Hatherley

Charlotte Hatherley is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer.

She has released 3 solo albums: Grey Will Fade, The Deep Blue and New Worlds and has also performed in various bands, most notably Ash and Bat For Lashes.

The first EP from her Sylver Tongue project was released to critical acclaim in late 2012. Her new solo record is due for release in 2017.

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Management: Ian Robinson
Management: Mat Morrisroe
Agent: Steve Backman
New Worlds

video: White

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“An already vivid career in which she’s served as sidekick to everyone from Bat For Lashes to Bryan Ferry reaches a zenith here… “White” announces her intentions with punchy new wave riffs and languid Belly like structures before “Alexander” proves itself the complex love song Natasha Khan’s “Daniel” wishes it was. A watershed: she’s a real contender.”


“Charlotte Hatherley, once the odd girl out in Ash, has been celebrated for many things… What she should really be cherished for is her trio of solo albums, of which New Worlds is the third and best, all of them vibrant, engrossing, ensnaring adverts for what can be achieved from pops meagre ingredients. She alternately breezes, flails, rails and soothes through a 10-song sequence here that sees her XTC-and Pixies-coloured songwriting, and brilliant, restless fretwork, come close to perfection… these are sensational songs, from an artist who remains bafflingly overlooked, but continues to dive into that tiny pool and come up bearing pearls.”

Sunday Times

“Hatherley is a meticulous artist, and her songs are carefully constructed things designed for a powerful dynamic impact without sacrificing elegance and grace. She’s the best sort of craft-driven writer, consistently avoiding ostentatious displays of technical ingenuity while subtly exerting her skill in ways that call attention to, rather than distract from, her melodies… With New Worlds, she has refined her aesthetic and the result is an album that can draw comparisons to XTC, The Breeders, Wire, The Pretenders and other top-shelf rock bands, but ultimately sounds like nothing else but the work of it’s creator. If there was ever a time for Charlotte Hatherley to finally enter the spotlight, this is it.”