Charlotte Hatherley

Charlotte Hatherley is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer.

She has released 3 solo albums: Grey Will Fade, The Deep Blue and New Worlds and has also performed in various bands, most notably Ash and Bat For Lashes.

The first EP from her Sylver Tongue project was released to critical acclaim in late 2012. Her new solo record is due for release in 2017.

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Management: Ian Robinson
Management: Mat Morrisroe
Agent: Steve Backman
The Deep Blue

video: Behave
video: I Want You To Know

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“Hatherley always looked like having more about her than being someone else’s rhythm guitarist. She fulfills that promise on her second solo set, flowering into a serious talent. Having just taken off the stabilisers by leaving Ash, it’s even braver, largely abandoning the bubblegum punk of her debut in favour of a magic-realist fantasy forest reminiscent of classic 4AD indie girls. The elegant ‘Roll Over’ and the spectral ‘Dawn Treader’ prove Hatherley is a far deeper beast than her rock chick stylings have so far suggested.”


“There’s a new maturity to Hatherley’s style. High on introspection and atmospherics, she uses the sea and its ebbing tides and changing currents as a metaphor for her fluctuating insecurities… Bathed in Hatherley’s sweet harmonies, jangly guitars and eager confidence, this is an album to wallow in.”

The Guardian

“For her second album, everything has changed. Charlotte’s is a lush and spectral world, painted in the magic-realist colours of Kate Bush, and nailed down with the skewed college-pop dynamics of ’90s indie darlings such as Throwing Muses and Belly… There’s a dense richness to most of the songs here that makes it an album that reveals more tricks and truths the longer you navigate. So thanks are due to Tim Wheeler. When he drafted in a sultry axewoman all those years ago, who would have known he was going a long way to creating a lasting star?”