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TRUE LOVE (2018)


4/5 from The Evening Standard

'Vangelis’s Blade Runner soundtrack is the obvious inspiration behind these ethereal soundscapes... "A Sign" and "Hook You Up" are glorious pop songs in their own right, while Hatherley’s yearning vocals ensure that even the most robotic moments retain a compelling human core.

Electronic Sound magazine:

'This is an album easy to fall in love with, from the yearning
"A Sign" to the gorgeous "You Said Goodbye" its electronic teardrops and emotional nakedness could soundtrack any
broken love affair'.


8.0 from Pitchfork:

‘Hatherley is a meticulous artist, and her songs are carefully constructed things designed for a powerful dynamic impact without sacrificing elegance and grace. She's the best sort of craft-driven writer, consistently avoiding ostentatious displays of technical ingenuity while subtly exerting her skill in ways that call attention to, rather than distract from, her melodies.’

The Sunday Times record of the week:

‘These are sensational songs, from an artist who remains bafflingly overlooked, but continues to dive into that tiny pool and come up bearing pearls.’

Charlotte is a singer, guitarist, keyboardist and film/theatre composer who came to prominence as guitarist for alternative rock band Ash. Since leaving Ash in 2006, she has been an eclectic and acclaimed solo artist.


As a touring musician she has performed extensively with artists including Bryan Ferry, Bat For Lashes, KT Tunstall and Birdy. Most recently Charlotte has toured as musical director for critically renowned South African artist Nakhane.


Charlotte wrote the score for director Gavin Rothery's 2014 sci-fi short film The Last Man, performing it at the British Film Institute as part of their major three-month focus on sci-fi on screen, ‘Days of Fear and Wonder’. In 2019, she composed an emotional score for the documentary film Imogen. The soundtrack was released in May 2020. She has recently provided guitars for the Hollywood film Gunpowder Milkshake, due for release in 2021.


As a recording session musician, Charlotte has played on KT Tunstall’s records KIN (2016) and WAX (2018). In 2020/2021 she was a session guitarist for forthcoming albums by Imelda May and Natalie Imbruglia.



David Bowie review of single 'Behave' for Nokia Online:

'Behave is proof that Charlotte made the right decision to go solo. The guitar part is an instant hook, that has a kind of Eno-esque quirkiness about it... Impossibly catchy, you’ll find this popping into your head when you least expect it'.

4/5 Uncut:

“Magical coming of age from Ex-Ash guitarist.”

3/4 The Guardian:

“Bathed in Hatherley’s sweet harmonies, jangly guitars and eager confidence, this is an album to wallow in.”




The Guardian:


'Hatherley has a general affinity with early 1980s new wave.
These 10 tracks are linked by bursts of frothy, busy guitar, simple tunefulness and frail-but-valiant vocals, which recall long-forgotten heroines such as the Mo-Dettes and the Belle Stars. There's also a nice line in acid lyrics: check out Bastardo's ladylike diatribe against an improbably named local stud, Antonio.'

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