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I have been teaching the guitar for 15 years, alongside my career as a solo artist and touring session musician. In 2019 I started working at London's leading music industry education provider, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, teaching Live Arrangement, Creative Practice, Songwriting, and Music for the Moving Image. Teaching has been very helpful for my own creativity, and I've learnt so much from my students. 


My students vary from being accomplished musicians and producers to total beginners. From 2019, tuition has mostly taken place online, allowing me to connect to people wanting to learn the guitar and write songs from all over the world, although face to face options are now available. 


"Charlotte is my go-to for great guitars. She is the nicest person to work with and not only does she make great guitar sounds, she can also create other-worldly textures and sounds that can make a track really magical and unique. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. If you want to be one of the best, then learn from one of the best."

Tim Bran - Record Producer, Writer


"When the opportunity to have Charlotte as my guitar teacher became a reality, it really was a pinch yourself moment for me. From the start, Charlotte was able to determine my skill level and create lessons that were challenging and interesting. My main area of focus soon became songwriting and getting to bounce ideas with Charlotte was incredible. Charlotte was very encouraging of my ideas and helped me craft out songs that I’m incredibly proud of. I was pushed to try things out of my comfort zone, which yielded new born confidences. Charlotte is an incredible artist and if the opportunity is presented to you to learn from her, go for it!"

Greig - UK

"Charlotte tailors her lessons to the individual, and that is rare. She has shown me how to: establish a routine, analyse my own songwriting style (i.e. take my lyrics more seriously, add contrast to my arrangements), and song map. This has led me to write and produce an EP and LP in the last year and a half. I can't thank her enough."

Dan - USA


"Charlotte was a massive help in understanding and developing my ideas and technique. Often I find it hard to communicate the things I hear in my head to others but she very instinctively got where I was coming from and used her experience and expertise to develop my confidence as an artist and musician."

Josh - UK

“Taking lessons with Charlotte has been nothing short of transformational for me. Her vast wealth of knowledge and experience as a musician has given me the tools to improve on my music and instrumental skills to no end. The classes are easy going and fun while jam-packed with personalised mentorship and amazing resources. A wonderful experience.”


"Charlotte makes me feel welcome, it's like learning from an extremely talented friend."

Poppy - UK

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